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August 23, 2017

Sweata Weatha

September 19, 2017

iCloud, uCloud, please don’tCloud

September 8, 2017
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Oversized chenille sweater
Velvet floral dress

My son and I share an iCloud. He saved up to buy himself an iPod Touch (we matched funds), and he’s all set up and good to go on it.

Davis is remarkably good at finding new little tricks for it – there are things that you can do on an iPhone and/or iPod that I never even realized were an option.

There have been a couple of confusing moments…. like when he changed my husband’s contact name to ‘Dad’ and then I’d forget which ‘Dad’ I’m texting and send husband type messages to my father (we’ve since compromised and his name is now Dad/Husband in my contacts).

But perhaps the most interesting moment when he changed my email and signature names. Now, Davis is a homebody who likes it best when the whole family is home together. When I work too often at the shop in the summer, he gets annoyed (lucky for him, Tammy and I try to work as little possible during the summer months, but there are times when it cannot be avoided). On this particular day, the four hours I was scheduled turned into 4.5. And then I had to make a bank stop… so four hours became five.

Out of a combination of boredom and frustration, and just plain being silly, Davis decided to punish me by changing things up.

What moniker did my creative boy come up with? Butt Turd. Keeping it classy, huh? My apologies if you received an email from Butt Turd a couple of weeks ago. I’m usually a little more professional. 😉

If I’m being honest, I did think it was pretty funny. But we did have a chat about appropriate use of our shared cloud for future use.

One thing that I DO find appropriate right now, for just about every occasion? Velvet. It’s in all shapes, sizes, and colors this season. Including this sassy dress, with it’s racer back, and arm flattering style. Find it at the shop, or online here.

Velvet floral dress
Velvet floral dress Velvet floral dress

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