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September 19, 2017

Studies are Liars

October 5, 2017

Hug It Out

September 26, 2017
Oversized chenille sweater
Cold shoulder comfy dress
Velvet babydoll tee

Yesterday, on our Fox 9 segment, Alix said something how fashion right now makes you want to give out hugs. That maybe peace has a chance, and fashion is where it starts.

She was joking of course, but there might be something to it. Because everything in fashion right now is soft, silk, or shiny. The soft textures filling up our shelves and racks do make you want to reach over and give someone a pat to feel them. And if that pat turns into a hug, well that is all the better. We’re saving the world, one fabulous top at a time! 😉

Velvets and chenilles are everywhere, including the babydoll style tee found in the pictures below (it also comes in a pretty shade of purple with a hint of grey – it’s hard to decide if I like the rose or the purple more). Find it online here.

I’m also obsessed with this velvet tee (if you’ve seen me around town then you know I wear mine pretty much all the time). Since it comes in five different colors, choosing a favorite was REALLY hard, but I was glad I ended up with the blush.

The pants pictured below are from last year – but if you’re looking for a great option in olive look no farther than these SUPER comfy ones.

The shoes are from Shop Bop – my FAVORITE place by far to find shoes. When they have a sale, I am ALL over it. And hurrah – they are having a sale right now! Take 20% off purchases under $500, and 25% off orders over $500. There are a few exclusions that apply, but there are some awesome deals to be had. Click this link to learn more!

Use code EOTS17 at checkout to get the best price.

So come on – give peace AND super soft tees and sweaters a chance this season. 😉

Velvet babydoll tee Velvet babydoll tee

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