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October 5, 2017

Halfway Gone

November 6, 2017

A Little More Precious

October 16, 2017
Cold shoulder comfy dress
Oversized Ruffle Sweater
Lace up sweater

A few Sundays a month, I volunteer in our children’s area at church. The kids in my care range from 6-11 years old, and they’re tons of fun.

I rolled into church the day after Sparkle ended and apparently my exhaustion was evident. A sweet little girl came up to me and took me by the hand. “Ohhhh,” she said. “You need a makeover.”

Pursing her lips very seriously, she bent her little blonde haired head over her handbag, looking for just the right items to help with my need.

First out of the bag was a tube of glitter. Rubbing it over my hands, she nodded in approval. “That’s good,” she told me.

Next up it was nail polish. I was a little nervous she’d spill on the church carpet, but I managed to catch it during our one close call. She looked down at the finished product (an uneven paint job to be sure) and smiled. “Now you look a little more precious for church,” she said confidently.

And isn’t that just about perfect? Aren’t we all lucky if we can feel a little more precious for a bit? Sometimes we just need someone to really look at us and see what we need to feel uplifted. It might not be a tube of glitter or a messy paint job on our fingers. But then again, maybe it is.

This sweater isn’t what I wore that day, but I must admit, I feel a bit more ‘precious’ when wearing it. What’s not to love about the tie up details on this sweater, found in the shop or online here? I’ve had these boots for approximately forever, and the pants are from my trip to Paris years ago. We’ve got a similar pair, found online here.

If you’re local, come on in to Wild Ruffle and say ‘hi’ sometime soon. We’ll do our best to help you feel just a little more precious while you’re there.

Lace up sweater Lace up sweater

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