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October 16, 2017

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November 13, 2017

Halfway Gone

November 6, 2017
Lace up sweater
Oversized Ruffle Sweater

I was talking to someone today about how my littles are eight, and how in a few months they’ll be nine. I hate when my kids reach nine. Because nine means they are halfway gone.

They’ll have reached the halfway point of living in my home. Half of my parenting will be over (though, of course, you never really finish parenting). I’ll be sending them out into the big world on their own, hoping and praying that I gave them the skills they need to navigate it.

Fortunately for me, Davis tells me he plans to move his wife into our home once he’s married (I’m sure she’ll be thrilled at this news!), and Ed and I can go live downstairs in the lower level. But in case that doesn’t pan out, I’m cherishing the time I have with them, all three of them, now.

I want to remember the mundane details. The way their heads look bent over their homework when they come home from school. Or the sound of their laughter trickling up from the basement as they wrestle and giggle together. How my eight year old daughter still wants to be carried like a baby, and the way she feels in my arms. The softness of my son’s cheeks, because he still loves to be kissed goodnight at this stage. Lying next to my oldest in the dark as I tuck her in, talking about things she’s been pondering throughout the day.

I know the day is coming when they won’t hold my hand (two out of the three have already stopped!). When they won’t want to be read to at night (one is already done with this nightly tradition). And when snuggling becomes a thing of the past (thank goodness they’re all still on board for that one).

So I’m holding tight to this stage, and trying to enjoy every moment (even when there are moments that make me crazy). I only get these kiddos under my roof for so long, and it’s a privilege to be able to have them here while I can.

Speaking of parenting, I’m thankful that Avery has been taking my pictures for this blog for almost seven years now. She’s come a long way in her skills – back then she could hardly lift the camera! I wore this sweater from the shop to church this weekend (find it online here). It’s so comfy and cozy, I could just live in it. The cow horn necklace is also available there too!

The sparkly shoes are from shopbop.com (they come in pink glitter too!).

Oversized Ruffle Sweater Necklace made from cow horns Oversized Ruffle Sweater

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