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December 22, 2017

On Being Brave

February 8, 2018

Heart Pounding

January 8, 2018
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January is here, and along with arctic temperatures comes the motivation to get back in shape. I feel it every year, but this time around I’m feeling it especially. First off, I haven’t worked out in months. Months! I don’t like not being strong. I like having muscle tone and feeling fit. And boy – I do not feel that way right now. Secondly, I’m turning 40 this year, and while I still have a few months to go, I know that it only gets harder to stay in shape the older you get. I don’t want to feel like I’m playing catch up all the time, so now is my opportunity to make it happen. I am that serious about getting fit that I have even been considering enrolling on a yoga teacher training course that I found on https://www.siddhiyoga.com. I do enjoy yoga, so learning how to teach it could be the motivation I need to get moving again! And third – we have so much cute work out gear in the shop right now, it makes it that much easier to stay motivated! Pictured here is just a fraction of what we have. There’s so much more in store that will hopefully be listed online soon. Helping me to get fit this year? Jen from Pure Joy Pilates and Katie the Zumba expert. They’re pictured below modeling a few of our new items. Pure Joy Pilates is conveniently located right next to Wild Ruffle, and Katie is a rockstar instructor over at Lifetime Fitness. Another thing burning calories over here? Watching Stranger Things. Holy crud – my heart beat goes a mile a minute the entire time I’m watching. Is anyone else watching it? It’s heart pounding stuff. I’m not usually one for scary shows, but it’s got me hooked! Faith, weights, and protein shakes tank Faith, weights, and protein shakes tank found online here.Geo print yoga pants Geo Print yoga pants found online here. Mesh back yoga pants Mesh back yoga pants found here online.#beast tank workout#beast tank workout#beast tank found online here (also available in pink!). Color block yoga pants These yoga pants have the greatest mesh panels – find them online here. Are you feeling motivated to get your rear in gear too?

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