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February 8, 2018

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April 10, 2018

Just Go To The Party

April 3, 2018
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Some meetings mean more than others.

And you never know when a chance encounter is going to turn into so much more than you ever realized it could. Sometimes it takes seeing your Facebook memories to remind you just how much one night (and one person) can mean.

7 years ago today, I went to a party, as Facebook helpfully reminded me today. I had recently began blogging, and wanted to connect with other bloggers. Happily, a local blogger and shop owner, ChrisAnn from LoveFeast Shop, hosted a gathering to make that happen.

And what was just meant to be a fun night out became a life changing evening, though I didn’t know it at the time.

Not only did I meet a bunch of new friends who ended up influencing me in the business realm, and became part of my first Pop Up Shop, but most importantly, I met Jen.

Jen owned Urban Halo, a successful handmade headband company that was growing like crazy. As we chatted, we discovered that we had both graduated from the same high school, one year apart, and yet we had never met! That first conversation led to more over the course of the next days, weeks, and months. As a mother with two 2 year olds at home, and a little one still in half day kindergarten, I soaked in every new friendship, and I loved getting to know Jen.

Eventually, Jen put out an invite for a couples weekend away at a beautiful rustic barn in Wisconsin. Without even checking with Ed, I said yes! That yes led to some of the best friendships a girl could ask for – and bonus! Ed found some of his best friends that weekend as well. What was once a struggle in our marriage, finding friendships where we both enjoyed both the husband and wife, was now an answered prayer. These friends now meet regularly for Bible Study, travel together, and more.

Jen was also a huge encouragement to me as a small business owner. She participated in every one of my Pop Up Shops, and seeing her success and picking her brain over the years helped me to gain confidence and take leaps I might not have otherwise.

When the city of Prior Lake asked Tammy and I to open our first shop location back in 2014, we knew we weren’t quite ready to take on that task full time. But we also knew exactly who we could ask to share the load with us. Jen, and Urban Halo, jumped on board, with Wild Ruffle running the front end of the retail shop, and Urban Halo’s shipping and sewing happening in the back. And when the time came for Tammy and I to move on to a larger location down the street, Jen didn’t hesitate for a second to cheer us on as we left UH and moved out.

If I had stayed home 7 years ago, there is so much I would’ve missed out on. Some of my best relationships to be certain. Would I be in the spot that I am today with Wild Ruffle? I doubt it. I’m thankful I said yes – and so grateful to have Jen in my life.

So if you’re hesitating about saying yes to something – just go for it. You never know when the next party is about to change your life.

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  1. Great message….we really need to take the time and put ourselves out there. Love your store…you guys do a great job!

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