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May 10, 2018

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September 25, 2018

Counting The Wins

August 31, 2018
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As I type this, the minutes are ticking down on our time left of summer school break. Today is officially the last weekday – and heck, we’re headed toward 5 o’clock and that means we’ve reached the weekend.

These past few months have flown by. I say it every year, but this year I feel it more than ever.

Avery is about to begin 8th grade. How can it be so? She’ll be racing off to college soon, so I’m hanging on as tight as I can, while giving her space to find out who she is without me. Some of our best moments this summer were made late at night, watching shows her siblings are still too young to view and talking about things that seem to be safer subjects while chatting in the dark. I love that she’s not yet too cool to hang out with me, and laughs when her friends remark upon how strange it is that she likes to be with me.

Davis is headed for 4th grade, and yikes does he ever look old lately. He’s growing into the handsomest boy I’ve ever seen, and yet it’s his kind and gentle heart that makes me love him so much more. This guy is an old soul, wise beyond his years, with a clever, dry wit that comes out around those with whom he’s most comfortable. It’s a lucky girl that will someday snatch him up, but for now his heart belongs to me.

My forever baby Sadie is joining her brother in 4th (they’re even in the same classroom for the second year in a row). She still holds my hand everywhere we go, loves to be held and snuggled (thank goodness she’s tiny), and is crazy social and wants to be with people all the time. Sadie also has to stay busy, so she keeps me running. That girl is daring and brave and so much fun (she’s 90% sunshine, 10% storm clouds and nothing in between).

They’ve all done so much growing this summer, more than simply physically. We’ve added more chores and responsibilities than ever before (though believe me, we still have a LONG way to go before perfection is achieved in this area). And they’ve appeared to become more grateful. Just this week alone each one thanked me for taking them to various activities. Davis even thanked me for breakfast TWICE this morning. Feels like a parent win to me!

I know the coming school year will zip by quickly, so I’m writing all this down so I can look back and remember the joys of sweet summer days of the past. I’m going to conveniently ignore the times we messed up, the tempers lost, the beds that didn’t get made when they were supposed to, the times no one was appreciative of my going above and beyond. Instead, I’ll remember ice cream lunches and hugs and love.

I’m counting the wins, and there are many. And for that I’m so thankful. School year 2018/19, here we come!

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