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August 31, 2018

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Plans Schmans

September 25, 2018
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I’m not typically a planner. In fact, I’m kind of a fly by the seat of my pants, last minute kind of girl.

Most of the time, this plays in my favor because truly – life is more interesting when you can be spontaneous. When you go with the flow you stumble upon some really fun adventures.
When it doesn’t work well is when you jump in the car to ride three hours to a wedding and THEN look at the invitation. And realize it’s an outdoor affair. In the woods. And the temp is supposed to hover around 50. At best.
Suddenly, the little black lace dress and sky high platform shoes you packed look like a pretty foolish decision. The lack of skin coverage definitely starts to feel pretty darn dumb.
Panic starts to set in as you know that your husband (who is a great planner and actually recommended that you bring a jacket – several times – probably because he actually read the invite and therefore knew that we’d be spending about 8.5 hours outdoors in chilly temps) is about to get REALLY crabby when you request that we make a stop. The thrill of a night away together without the kids is about to go downhill quite quickly because of my missing planning skills.
Casually pretending to text friends, a quick scan of the maps show only a Walmart on the path ahead. After all, we are in the depths of Wisconsin, and not a highly populated area. Crossing my fingers, I hoped like crazy and said a little prayer that they’d have a lovely (and warm) wrap and some thick tights.
With a giant sigh, an eye roll or two, and maybe a curse word, the husband agrees to make a stop (the tears filling my eyes might have convinced him it was for the best). And then, like a shimmering oasis in the driest desert, a Target appears just off the highway. Day saved!
In and out in five minutes, I found myself a sweater wrap and cozy tights, and I was set for a night of fun. And it truly was a beautiful night. If you’re ever thinking of having a wedding in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, consider Burlap and Bells. The setting in the woods made for a fairy tale setting. Just bring appropriate attire for the season. 😉
Now, none of this would’ve happened if I had just planned ahead. I would’ve saved myself the stress if I had hopped on and shopped online. They ship super fast, so only a couple of days out would’ve changed the road trip panic. And right now, they’re even having a sale! Spend up to $500 and get 20% off, or 25% off orders over $500. Just use code STOCKUP18 to get the deal. I happen to know that Tammy ordered herself a whole stack of shoes just now, and was thrilled with how little she paid for them! Click here to shop.
So how about you? Do you have your life all mapped out in advance? Or are you spur of the moment like me?

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