November 20, 2018

Spring Broken

March 19, 2019


February 27, 2019
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So, we’re record setters here in Minnesota. Yep, we have the distinction of having the snowiest February in the history of the state (or at least since they started recording that sort of thing). Something to be proud of, right?

Right. Except I think it’s a record we all could’ve done without. Even my school aged children are ready to be done with days off, and that’s saying a lot. And we definitely don’t want to have to extend the school year further into June, cuz ain’t nobody got time for that.

These snowy days have me dreaming of future sunny ones. You know – the days when you wake up and head outside without having to track down your heavy winter coat first? When boots and snow pants aren’t littering the floor of your garage and entrance to the house as they dry. The lovely days when I don’t have to nag my children to dress appropriately, because for heaven’s sake we leave in the tundra and why are you wearing shorts?! And when sandals are the only thing you need to slip on your feet as you leave for the day.

Resort wear is making its way into the shop (this pair of palazzo pants and this striped romper are two particular favorites of mine currently) and more is coming all the time. It’s seriously the best time of year for purchasing new clothing items, because – at least here in the upper midwest – we are all ready for a new season, and to be able to shed the layers we’ve been piling on since October. And if you have a escape to the tropics ahead, it’s even more fun.

And once it’s finally time to wear my warm weather items, you can be sure I’ll be shopping for the perfect shoes to pair. With spring break just around the corner, I actually don’t even have to wait that long. As usual, I’ll be heading straight to to do my shopping, because they always have the best selection of footwear for every occasion (and some stellar swim suits too!). And with a huge sale going on now through March 3, the more I buy, the more I save. It’s a no brainer, right?

You can check out more details here. 

Using code GOBIG19, you’ll get 15% off orders of $200+, 20% off orders of $500+, and 25% off orders of $800+. So get to shopping… because that warm weather will be here some day… right?! (fingers crossed)

Are you headed anywhere warm this spring? Or do you live somewhere where the temperature is nice year round? We’d love to hear about it, so we can dream about coming with you. 😉

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