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About Cate

I’m a Minnesota girl who loves the Lord, my husband, and my darling kids. I’ve also loved fashion and pretty things since I was a little girl dressing up in my mother’s clothes.

Wild Ruffle began as a blog, with the dream of opening my own boutique featuring handmade/locally made items, and over time that dream has grown and evolved into something new and exciting. Tammy and I are thrilled to have turned that dream into reality, with our brick and mortar location in downtown Prior Lake. We’re also loving running the online Wild Ruffle shop – a place where I get to indulge my dream of being a world changer by giving 20% of profits back to charitable organizations.

And this has become a spot to share my many other passions, like planning shopping and fashion events, creating jewelry, promoting small businesses, and chatting about beauty, home decor, DIYing – and, of course, fashion.

The best part of owning a boutique, for me, is meeting new people with whom I might never have come in contact otherwise. I love hearing your stories, and learning more about you!

Wanna know a little TMI about me? Give this a click.

About Tammy

Ever since I was a little girl sitting in the church pew, I would sketch dresses, shirt and pant combos – any form of fashion illustration that I could think of. Fashion is most certainly my passion (though my view of what that means has changed over the years!). Pinstriped Chic jeans, Monchichi cotton tee, UnderRoos, faux pearls, and bare feet (so my jellys wouldn’t get dirty), traipsing through a pig lot enjoying life… yep, that was me as a child.

As I grew, I majored in Fashion Merchandising and marketing at the University of Nebraska, and went on to hold just about every position available in retail.  Starting with store management and visual displays, then moving onto distribution, merchandise planning and buying.  15 years of industry experience has brought me here – to join the Wild Ruffle team.  But almost 15 years of motherhood has given me the experience to know the need for affordability and comfort without losing your sense of style.  To me it’s all about having fun with fashion.

I find great joy in the art of scoring a deal, and I’m excited to share that joy with all of you, in addition to passing along my love for finding the balance in family and fashion.

Along with Cate, I feel a tremendous responsibility to give back.  I am extremely excited to work with other small businesses and help those in need.  I am striving to do many great things.  Please join me for the ride!

Let’s Connect!

Want to connect? Email us at cate@wildruffle.com or tammy@wildruffle.com for more information on how we can work together! A big part of our passion lies in helping others realizing their dreams, whether big or small. We love hearing from our customers about what drives them, and what makes their hearts sing.

If you’d like to learn more about how your charitable organization or fundraising effort can benefit from a Wild Ruffle partnership, email us at cate@wildruffle.com or tammy@wildruffle.com – we’d love to chat!

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