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Tammy Hiveley - April 12, 2017

“Oh my goodness – those are so cute! Where did you get them? I have to have a pair for myself!” Isn’t it fun when people compliment us on what we’re wearing? And nothing puts a little pep in your step like someone telling you that they love your shoes. Especially if you happen to have a deep love for footwear the way we do! …

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This Dance Battle Is ON!

Tammy Hiveley - April 5, 2017

Turns out I only like the idea of running but the actual execution is a struggle. Why is it so difficult to put on running shoes and go out the front door? Sounds easiest enough to me… It isn’t. So after forcing myself to run last week I began reflecting back. Reflecting on a random statement I overheard my daughter tell my husband after a family night at …

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I’m Losing It.

Tammy Hiveley - March 23, 2017

Almost always, it feels like I’m losing it in more ways than one. This time though it’s not me losing my mind or my focus or even losing my way. This time I’m losing something completely different. The solid 10 pounds I’ve packed on this winter. ew. First off, I’m diving into a book a friend gave me over a year ago. Seems it takes awhile for …

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Welcome Home – Lakeside Clothing Co.

Tammy Hiveley - March 9, 2017

It’s no secret that supporting local businesses is our passion. For this reason, we welcome home Lakeside Clothing Co. to our shop. By all means when a Prior Lake based company comes asking us to help sling their products – our first reaction is Umm, YES! But it’s even sweeter when you have a hard time limiting the styles/colors you want to bring in. Because seriously …

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Another Teenager In Da House

Tammy Hiveley - March 6, 2017

There are so many emotions going through my brain as we celebrate another teenager in da house. Joy; as I recall sweet times of her childhood tucked carefully away in my memories. Proud; her endless energy, thoughtfulness, silliness and good, tender heart. Sadness; for days past when I was too busy with my projects to just play. Yet excited; her future with be nothing short of adventure. …

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My Achy Breaky Heart

Tammy Hiveley - February 24, 2017

As we all know, fads come and go. Some you don’t mind seeing again and then there are some… Strangely enough, I don’t mind the next trend on the horizon. In fact every time I say it, I want to break out in song “But don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart; I just don’t think he’d understand…” As you can guess – I’m referring to the mullet. While I …

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Why Write, When Writing Is Not My Thing?

Tammy Hiveley - February 17, 2017

It’s obvious, I know. I’m not a writer. Never have been and probably never will be. Why do I do it then, you ask? Well, it’s part of Wild Ruffle’s gig and it’s good to be a team player. So, while most of the time, you won’t find witty one-liners here – you will find real life. That’s what I do best. REAL is the …

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Pantone’s 2017 Color Palette

Tammy Hiveley - February 9, 2017

We want to know what you think? Thumbs up or down for this year’s color picks? The number one color is Greenery. And by greenery, Pantone is focusing on the all-natural. It’s about finding ways to unplug and get back to nature, as well as “going green” in your everyday life. They are hoping this color of the year makes you think: less technology, less additives, …

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Get Back Up Again

Tammy Hiveley - February 3, 2017

If you haven’t seen the trolls movie yet – you should. It’s pretty darn cute and has some catchy tunes. You never know when they’ll apply to your own life, so best to keep ’em tucked into your pocket for a day like I had yesterday. Nothing Earth shattering happened. Just annoyances constantly coming at me. You know one of those days when you just …

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Making the Most of the Winter Blues

Tammy Hiveley - January 26, 2017

I wish the sun would come out. I really do. This is about the time my mood goes BLAHHHH. It’s dark. It’s cold. It just feels like I should mope around all day. The benefit to this weather is A) the snowflakes are gorgeous. The white palate makes a stunning backdrop through my picture window. And 2) It’s heavenly chit chatting with a friend next to …

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