Swing Bed DIY

Tammy Hiveley - June 2, 2016

There’s one thing I’ve always loved to do. Swing. I grew up with a classic tree swing on our little Iowa farm. I remember spending hours flying through the air desperately trying to reach the leaves high above my feet. I could swing and swing all. day. long. Then in Jr. High a few friends and I were swinging so wildly, we accidentally broke a …

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A Few Pinterest TO DOs

Tammy Hiveley - May 19, 2016

Now that the shop is up and running. I can get back to the list of ToDos that sit taunting me on my Pinterest boards. Sooo many grand ideas ~ so little time. Sadly, I’m a prime candidate for “Nailed It!” comedic pics. As much as I’d like to say I’m ‘crafty’; I’m really not. I have the vision but lack the patience to complete it …

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Coconut Lime Salt Scrub

Cate Mezyk - May 10, 2016
Coconut Lime Scrub

I’ve been putting in a ton of hours lately. Standing on my feet for hours on end is part of my normal routine these days, though thankfully life is now slowing down a bit. My poor feet (and really, my whole body) is in dire need of a treat. So I turned to my pantry to make it happen. I LOVE bath time – it’s …

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DIY Rustic Industrial Shelving

Cate Mezyk - January 19, 2016

We love to think of ourselves as DIY girls. But see, instead of the kind of DIY Pinteresty type experts that seem to share unreachable and impossible projects, we’re kind of fly by the seat of our pants, fake it until we make it DIYers. Case in point, the new shelving we recently installed. We knew we wanted a rustic industrial look, and of course …

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Leather Staining Made Easy DIY

Tammy Hiveley - December 10, 2015

After we got our new Minnesota Barnwood table last winter, we needed new chairs. Jason wanted metal for an industrial luncheon look, but I was still in love with the quality and general look of our old chairs. They just needed an update. A few of them had been Sharpied with a beautiful 2 year old’s artwork. And don’t let the seemingly wipeable leather seats …

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Wild About a Giveaway!

Cate Mezyk - October 2, 2015

We’ve been having so much fun this week, sharing our painting projects with you all (check out Tammy’s island update here, and Cate’s tweenager bedroom makeover here). And now, you can get in on the fun too – for FREE! Yep. Pittsburgh Paints and Stains wants to give 5, yes 5!, lucky winners a $20 gift card to Menards to get started on their own …

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Hidden Herringbone

Tammy Hiveley - October 1, 2015

It’s home decorating week for us at Wild Ruffle, thanks to Pittsburgh Paints & Stains! Back when we moved into our house less than a year ago, I wondered how long it would take for my crew to gum up the sides of our island. What man thought it was a good idea to put flat builders paint on the centerpiece of our home? Seriously. Come …

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Painting Project

Cate Mezyk - September 29, 2015

My oldest daughter, Avery, has had the same purple walls since we moved into this home 8 years ago. The good news is that she still loves the color. But she has been hoping for a little bit of an update for awhile now. With that in mind, we decided to create a unique focal point on her wall. The purple remains, but the graphic …

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DIY Fall Wreath

Cate Mezyk - September 24, 2015

I’ve constantly got the itch to change up our decor. And I love to create. So the marriage of the two things works well for me. This year, I decided to add a little pinecone wreath to our front porch. Pinecones are readily available in my backyard (yay for free decor items!), and cardboard boxes abound in my life (more free items!), thanks to co-owning …

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Gameday Fashion DIY

Tammy Hiveley - September 18, 2015

The comfy couture trend is taking over the world one step at a time. We came up with a fun little DIY for your old sweatshirts. And why not make something for Game Day?! Skol Vikes! Go team! This cut out style gives you the versatility to change up the look. And promise me if you do this DIY, you will layer something underneath… because …

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