fashion questions

What to Wear During The Transition

Tammy Hiveley - March 11, 2016

Transitioning from winter to spring always seems to throw me into confusion. I like clothes AND I’m pretty old so you’d think I’d have this down by now. Sorry folks, but somedays I’m just as baffled as you. What should I put on for the day? It starts out chilly, then makes it’s way to beautiful… or sometimes NOT… who knows? If you live in the midwest …

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The Great White Debate

Tammy Hiveley - September 3, 2014

The great debate. Do you wear white after Labor Day?  Yea or Nay? Fashion experts have debated this topic for many years.  How did it begin?  A little google search told me that basically the high-class women started this rule.  Some say it was to distinguish ‘old money’ from ‘new money’; to set themselves apart.  The ‘old money’ made up silly fashion rules without telling the ‘new money’ …

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