What Are the Odds

Tammy Hiveley - April 15, 2015

As we all know, I’m a big fan of mixing styles into one look. Mixing mediums is my thing. Last week when the weather in Minnesota went from 60 degrees to 30, back to 60, all I could do was layer, layer, layer. And grin and bare it. One of the days I threw on my comfy boyfriend jeans, lace up wedges and a knit-sequined …

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A Peek Into Holiday Homes

Tammy Hiveley - December 4, 2014

I adore Christmas decorations. They fill my heart with warmth and ooey-gooey-goodness. Each decor theme and color scheme puts me in the holiday mood, leaving my spirits merry & bright. I even enjoy the tacky Holiday decorations because I know someone painstakingly put them all up with love. Think Christmas Vacation… then you have to laugh. Silver and gold take center stage at my house this year with …

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Jump for Jumpsuits

Tammy Hiveley - June 4, 2014

A brief history of the jumpsuit {nothing that a simple google search won’t spit out – yet I’ve done it for you!}: The first jumpsuit was invented by Florentine Thayat in the Palazzo Pitti Collection in 1919.  Later, became a a cult-classic piece for sci-fi thrillers.  Then transitioned into utilitarian for Aviators, parachutists, skiers & race-car drivers; still used today for manual laborers as well. Back to the …

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Balloons on the Bed

Tammy Hiveley - March 5, 2014

This morning began with balloons all over the bed, fresh giant doughnuts for breakfast, and evidence of a few gifts ripped open before the school day even started. It’s my daughter, Jillian’s, birthday.  She turned 10 at 2:35am this morning!  Birthdays are a big deal around here. Awh, to be 10 again… the yearning & desire to age faster than physically possible.  When does that …

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Making Grey Matter

Tammy Hiveley - February 3, 2014

I’m a fan of grey.  I always have been. Is it exciting?  No.  But I love it none-the-less. When I spotted Olivia Palermo wearing it one morning… I was already plotting my outfit for the day. After this inspiring screen shot I took on my iphone, I dug in to my closet to see what I could come up with. Here’s my take on her …

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