5 Ways to Make Entertaining Easier

Cate Mezyk - June 16, 2015

We LOVE to entertain here at Wild Ruffle! Both of us enjoy having our homes filled with friends and family, and often host get togethers. But entertaining can be really stressful for a lot of people! It doesn’t have to be – which is why we’re sharing some simple ideas to make the task of hosting a delight instead. 1) Keep prepared food on hand …

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Here’s to a Party I Never Attended

Tammy Hiveley - May 6, 2015

Last Saturday everyone in the country tuned in to watch the Kentucky Derby. Well, everyone except ME! It was a typical Saturday with more things scheduled than time allowed yet I remained hopeful to attend an afternoon at the races. You see~ Jessica Patterson, a sweet friend of mine, loves to plan outrageously extravagant parties just for fun! She really needs to turn it into a business. Honestly, she should. She’s just that …

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WIW to the Oscars

Tammy Hiveley - February 25, 2015

As I mentioned last week {here}, we were invited to the Twin Cities Oscar Experience 2015. It proved to be a fabulous soirée with food, Hollywood fashion and most importantly… giving back to the community! All proceeds are split between non-profits, Twin Cities Film Fest and Aegis Foundation. Cate was unable to attend at the last minute so my beautiful friend, Summer, jumped at the chance to …

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Wild About Sunday’s Oscar Event!

Tammy Hiveley - February 20, 2015

Wild Ruffle is excited to be included in the The 22nd Annual Oscar Experience this Sunday night, February 22nd! If you’d like to join Cate and I for this fabulous Hollywood event we’d be ecstatic to hang with you.  Just click here for tickets and you’ll be all set. This event is the longest running Oscar party in the U.S. outside of LA. Everyone adds glitz and walks …

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Flaunt Your Stuff!

Cate Mezyk - November 11, 2014

Not that any of us ever NEED an excuse to have a girl’s night out, but if you’re looking for some fun, Melissa and her team from Flaunt have got it for you in spades. We love Flaunt Accessories – they participated in our summer Pop Up Market and their truck was a huge hit… cuz they had sooo much cute stuff! Check out Tammy …

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Wine Tasting Party

Tammy Hiveley - August 21, 2014

A few weeks ago I hosted a wine tasting party for a group of ladies I’m honored to know.  This group gathers together to laugh, love on each other and most importantly raise money for women’s education.  We are all apart of the PEO sisterhood. My husband’s office is the perfect place to host this event.  It’s quiet, already clean, and has a beautifully landscaped backyard. …

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Wild About… Teagarita Time!

Tammy Hiveley - July 11, 2014

Iced Teagarita Time ladies!If you’re the kind of cool-cat that likes to chill with your posse then I’ve got a new drink for you!  My mom-posse and I whooped  it up in the ‘hood the other day.  We got the pleasure of trying out the new Ready-To-Serve Margarita that Jose Cuervo just released to the stores in May!  Clink!  Clink!  Clink! And the best part is it’s sooo …

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Wild About Kids Birthday Parties

Cate Mezyk - March 28, 2014

I’ve got a celebrity crush on Jimmy Fallon. It’s totally allowed – my husband has a celebrity crush on Giada di Laurentis, so I get to have mine. One of my favorite bits he does is his thank you letter segment. In the spirit of this – and the fact that I just hosted two birthday parties in our home this week – I’m going …

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It’s A Girl!

Cate Mezyk - March 6, 2014

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for awhile, then you might recognize my dear friend Laura. A couple of years ago, she got married, and I shared shower photos here, and then pictures of the wedding. She and I have been friends for just about forever – fourth grade, to be exact. We bonded over mutual broken bones and having to stay inside …

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4 Quick and Easy Ideas for NYE Hair

Cate Mezyk - December 31, 2013

No matter what your New Year’s Eve plans are, it’s always nice to dress up a little. And you don’t want to forget the finishing touches. That’s why we’ve got four super easy ideas that’ll be NYE hairDOs, not hairDON’Ts. Believe me – each of these took only minutes to complete. That’s my favorite kind of style. One of my new faves is the deep …

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