Huevos Rancheros Hot Dish

Tammy Hiveley - November 13, 2017

We recently escaped to a Wisconsin cottage with some friends. It’s a group that travels together as couples each year, and we cherish our friendships and our time away. We each take turns making meals for our long weekend, and I volunteered to do breakfast one morning. This meal was a huge hit, and since I had multiple requests for the recipe, I thought I’d …

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Fireside Cider

Cate Mezyk - October 11, 2016

We are super excited to bring you this recipe today, because it’s what we’ll be serving at the party on Thursday night! If you are current wondering what party I’m referring to, then stop what you are doing and check this out right now.  Now that we have your attention – be sure to stop by this Thursday from 5-8 pm and hang out with us! After …

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Easy and Delicious Pumpkin Soup

Cate Mezyk - September 27, 2016
Easy and delicious pumpkin soup

So, we all know I often get a hankering for pumpkin (as I said in this failure of a recipe post the other day). You’d think I’d be too scared to try another pumpkin recipe so soon after my big fail, but as I’ve said before, I’m an optimist. Plus, cooking is my jam. Baking, not so much. And happily, this one turned out great! …

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Easiest (and tastiest) Peach and Plum Crisp Ever

Cate Mezyk - July 12, 2016
Easiest (and most delicious) peach and plum crisp ever!

The other day, I was about to change into my workout clothes, and then I thought, “Ooh – I know what sounds even better…. baking!” I mean, it IS peach and plum season, and I can’t let that go by without utilizing those ingredients in a baked dish (or two or six). Here’s the thing though – I’m sort of an impatient baker. Really, I’m …

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Honey Garlic Ginger Crockpot Chicken

Cate Mezyk - June 28, 2016
Honey garlic ginger crock pot chicken - easy to make and delicious too! This version takes out the soy.

Several nights a week, I use a crock pot to make our dinner. With the kids’ activities, we eat our dinners late… and when we arrive home we want to eat right away – no waiting around for something to finish cooking. Even in the summertime, I utilize a crockpot, because on hot days I don’t want pots boiling and the oven going. We’ve had …

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World’s Best Zucchini Lasagna

Cate Mezyk - May 3, 2016

One thing we can all agree on around here is that lasagna is delicious. Even my picky eater loves it (and that’s really saying something). But we have two problems with it. One, we try not to eat too much pasta – we’d rather fuel our bodies with food full of nutrients than the empty calories found in noodles. And two, we’ve got a gluten …

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White Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Cate Mezyk - March 22, 2016
Recipe for chocolate peanut butter balls - easy to make and delicious!

Just putting this warning out there before you begin making this recipe: If you have poor self control (like I do), then this may be a recipe you want to avoid making. Because they are so stinking delicious that you will not be able to limit yourself. Growing up, my mom always made these around Easter time. She’d put them in the downstairs extra fridge …

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Clean Eating Scone Recipe – Simply Pure Delight!

Tammy Hiveley - March 10, 2016

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #IDSimplyPure #CollectiveBias #ad As you all know by now, I really like coffee. More common knowledge – I cherish girl-time. Annnd one last pretty obvious fact – I lovvve good food. Not only good food – the best is clean eating yummy food! Am I picky? Kinda. So when I was asked to come up with a recipe …

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Eating For 21

Cate Mezyk - March 4, 2016
21 Day Fix meal - chicken with red sauce, onions, and peppers

So, I recently shared that my husband and I have been getting up early every morning to do the 21 Day Fix workout. (you can learn more about my thoughts on that here) I both love and hate that Autumn (the woman who created the program). I mean, I have to say, if I can get her abs in three weeks time, then I am …

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