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Wild About All the Newness

Tammy Hiveley - February 6, 2015

We are wild about all the newness popping up in our new Prior Lake Shop! I’ll let the photos do the talking. Check it out! {Finder’s Keepers new White Round Vintage Table} {Dapper & Posh pillows} {Dapper & Posh Pedestal Serving Plate}{Dapper & Posh Ooh la la frames} {Wild Ruffle gift tags for those special purchases} {Wild Ruffle Leather drop earrings}{MKC multi-pocket wallets in fun prints} …

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Cate Mezyk - January 12, 2015

I sat at my computer just now and stared at it blankly, willing a creative title to come to mind. It’s just not happening today. Perhaps my body is just too cold to function properly. To compensate, I’ve been wearing as many layers as will fit on one person. Yesterday, I wore leggings, boot socks, a dress, a button down shirt, a sweater, and a …

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The Great White Debate

Tammy Hiveley - September 3, 2014

The great debate. Do you wear white after Labor Day?  Yea or Nay? Fashion experts have debated this topic for many years.  How did it begin?  A little google search told me that basically the high-class women started this rule.  Some say it was to distinguish ‘old money’ from ‘new money’; to set themselves apart.  The ‘old money’ made up silly fashion rules without telling the ‘new money’ …

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got me Runnin’ round

Tammy Hiveley - May 7, 2014

The past few days have left me runnin’.  Running all over town for this crazy thing called the Wild Ruffle Pop Up Shop.  But no complaints here because this is going to be one wild party!  I can’t wait! Luckily, we only pick items for shopwww.wildruffle.com that we’d wear ourselves… so of course, those are my go-to items.  Easy layers and comfy denim became my …

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Who’s wants a deal? Me! Me!

Tammy Hiveley - April 16, 2014

Cate and I regularly visit this adorable shop called Apricot Lane. Lookie what I grabbed the last time we were in.  They are the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe… the versatile black and white pattern is fab.  Although, I can’t wait to wear them with tan legs.  Sorry for blinding you.  The sandals are cute though, right?!  {really comfy too}  Did you see Cate’s favorites? Kristine …

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Wild About You

Cate Mezyk - March 7, 2014

Today we wanted to send a special shout out to the companies who gave us some amazing prizes for this week’s $2,000 giveaway. We are DEFINITELY wild about each and every one of them, and we wanted to share just why. Cents of Style has provided me with a great way to indulge my love of shoes while staying on a budget (they also have …

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Get Lucky – A Head to Toe Makeover Giveaway Worth Over $2000!

Cate Mezyk - March 3, 2014

Feeling lucky? In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re hosting a huge, fabulous ‘get lucky’ head to toe makeover giveaway extravaganza. It’s also to celebrate reaching 2,000 likes on Facebook – a milestone we’re really excited about. We are so thankful for each and every one of our Wild Ruffle readers, and we want to share the love. Want to celebrate with us? Then …

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WR Fitness Series -One crazy little device

Tammy Hiveley - February 18, 2014

Welcome back to our WR Fitness Series. We want to know, Are you still working on your New Year’s Resolution? Are you still committed to keeping your body healthy? My friend, Sarah Swanson {training out of Eden Prairie, MN} wants to check in with you and give you a few tips of her trade. She is a Group Fitness Instructor at Lifetime Fitness and the …

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Casual Cool

Tammy Hiveley - January 22, 2014

Dressing casual in this cool {ok, down-right COLD} weather seemed all that was doable for me today. But I couldn’t forget the spike heeled boots with my ripped jeans. I’m loving the new midi ring trend.  So delicate, so sweet, so exactly like me! {just kidding!  I can’t even say that with a straight face} Have you ever thought to use your scarf as a hoodie …

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