blazer remix

Stick A Fork In Me

Cate Mezyk - March 4, 2013

Day 7 of my 7 Days/7 Ways blazer remix, and I’m finally done. Full discretion: This seven day challenge ended up being a 9 day challenge for me. Why, you ask? One of the days ended up with blurry photos, so I re-wore it on Day 8. Sometimes that happens when you’re photographer is only eight years old. One of the days ended up with …

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Blazer Is The New Black

Cate Mezyk - February 25, 2013

Every season, it seems, you hear something or such and such is the new black. I’m telling you, this denim blazer is now it, at least for me. My past remix looks for my 7 Days/7 Ways blazer challenge have been anything but simple (catch Day 4 here, Day 3 here, Day 2 here, Day 1 here), but paired with a simple all black ensemble, …

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Cate Mezyk - February 13, 2013

The weather here in Minnesota has been all sorts of crazy, from rain to snow, to sleet, to mush, and back again. It’s a slippery world out there, which means that I’m actually wearing flats for Day 2 of my 7 Days/7 Ways blazer remix (see Day 1 here). I know – it’s so unlike me. The sacrifices we make for the safety of our …

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