This Dance Battle Is ON!

Tammy Hiveley - April 5, 2017

Turns out I only like the idea of running but the actual execution is a struggle. Why is it so difficult to put on running shoes and go out the front door? Sounds easiest enough to me… It isn’t. So after forcing myself to run last week I began reflecting back. Reflecting on a random statement I overheard my daughter tell my husband after a family night at …

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WR – Fitness Series – Zumba mami!

Tammy Hiveley - January 28, 2014

Welcome back to the Wild Ruffle Fitness Series. Now it’s time to dance, my friends. Dance has always been a great love of mine and when I found out it was considered a workout… I said, Sign me up! We brought on our ZUMBA Mami, Katie Loehlein {training out of Prior Lake, MN} to give you the low-down on this style of dance-fitness. If the other …

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Going Back To My Roots

Cate Mezyk - April 22, 2011

I spent my youth in sequins – maybe this is why I’m still so attracted to shiny things. I started dance lessons when I was four, and managed to stick with it until my early twenties, when I danced professionally for a year. You’d think I’d be the most graceful lady in town after all that time spinning and twirling under the lights, but alas …

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