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A Little More Precious

Cate Mezyk - October 16, 2017
Lace up sweater

A few Sundays a month, I volunteer in our children’s area at church. The kids in my care range from 6-11 years old, and they’re tons of fun. I rolled into church the day after Sparkle ended and apparently my exhaustion was evident. A sweet little girl came up to me and took me by the hand. “Ohhhh,” she said. “You need a makeover.” Pursing …

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Date Me

Cate Mezyk - July 28, 2017
Crochet detailed tank

I sometimes miss the days when my kiddos were little. With their little squishy cheeks and innocent little faces, I couldn’t have loved them more. And yet, I do. I love them more and more all the time. And I love the stage that we are currently in. One of the reasons I love it so much is that I actually get to date my …

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Growing Up

Cate Mezyk - April 10, 2017
Off the shoulder top/cold shoulder

I hung out with an old friend the other day – I haven’t seen her in a long time and it was lovely to catch up. Every time we get together we pick up right where we’ve left off, even if we haven’t been together in forever. It’s the kind of friendship that you cherish, because it’s one that you know will stand the test …

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Sorry Hubby

Cate Mezyk - February 27, 2017

My poor husband. Oh, how he hates clutter. Or rather, what he refers to as clutter, and I like to refer to as necessary items for decorating a home. If he had his way, our home would be completely devoid of any decor. He likes empty shelves. Our compromise is that I don’t overcrowd our space with items (or, at least, I TRY not to). …

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The Big Sales Pitch

Cate Mezyk - January 9, 2017
Chambray dress, blanket scarf, and fleece lined leggings

I recently started listening to Ted Talks (I know, I’m like 1,000 years behind the game on that one). Just the other day, I listened to one by Simon Sinek and walked away feeling inspired. He spoke about how companies can have a ton of financial backing, all the brain power on their team they need, and all kinds of publicity, and still fail. And …

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Get Falalala-Lucky With The Shops of Downtown Prior Lake

Cate Mezyk - November 28, 2016

‘Tis the season to be jolly. And what could be more jolly than go on a shopping spree for the grand price of absolutely nothing? Shopping not your thing? Then perhaps you’d rather have something do the shopping for you, and hand you a big pile of the loveliest Christmas gifts one could ask for. The shops of downtown Prior Lake are feeling pretty jolly themselves, …

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Tired Eyes

Cate Mezyk - November 14, 2016
Double zip jacket and worn in black skinnies

I’ve got some tired, tired eyes these days. If you are starting to notice dark under eye circles there are plenty of treatments available. Thank goodness for the world’s best concealer (seriously, it’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a LOT of different concealers – worth every penny), because these dark circles keep growing. And when your brain is too tired …

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I’m Just Not That Interesting

Cate Mezyk - October 24, 2016
Sweater cardigan with faux leather patches

Sometimes, I can sit down at the computer and type and type and type… and type. I’m full of stuff to say, and it just flows out of me. But other times… other times I’m just not that interesting. My life is normal. I get up, get the kids ready for school, head off to work, come home, usually do some more work, make dinner, …

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