fashion re-mix

Plays Well With Others

Cate Mezyk - April 10, 2013

I’m on Day 3 of my Sanibel necklace remix challenge. And I am honestly loving it so far! It’s seriously so easy to wear – it’s got a handy hook to shorten the length PLUS it’s reversible. When Jennifer of Stella & Dot (and a Pop Up Shop participant) challenged me to wear this one for a week straight and make it look different every …

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Keep It Simple

Cate Mezyk - April 3, 2013

While I was vacationing abroad, I noticed something about London and Paris fashion: everyone there had a simple elegance. More often than not, women had a simple uniform of black skinnies (NOT LEGGINGS!) tucked into flats and/or booties, with a monochromatic top. I gotta say, I’m loving it. While I’m definitely not opposed to an over-the-top look (and have been known to rock it once, …

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And Again

Cate Mezyk - February 11, 2013

  I’m back at the 7 Days/7 Ways remix once again. Remember the time I did it here? And here? I was challenged by this girl to see if I could re-mix a blazer. Challenge accepted. This may just be my easiest remix yet. Day 1, I’m adding a studded top, some skinny jeans, and some super tall heels to this cropped denim blazer. Stay …

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Cate Mezyk - December 19, 2012

It’s Day 7 of my chambray re-mix challenge to myself. If you’re not familiar with these challenges, it’s where I take one item (in this case the denim button down) and wear it for a week straight, making it look different every time I put it on. Remember how the other day I said the snow made me choose something practical? Well, sometimes practicality goes …

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Cate Mezyk - December 17, 2012

It’s Day 6 of my chambray challenge. Have you been following along with my latest 7 days/7 ways challenge? If you haven’t seen them before, it’s where I take one item and style and re-style it every day for a week, trying to make it look like something entirely new each time I do it. What you don’t see in these pictures is the car …

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Cate Mezyk - December 15, 2012

This day called for comfort, which meant leggings under my chambray. One of my favorite pairs to wear this time of year are my snowflakes. But since I’m pretty firm on my rule about not wearing leggings as pants (unless everything is very well covered), I had to add a skirt. Day 5 wasn’t my favorite look out of the seven, but it was the …

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Cate Mezyk - December 12, 2012

I had an entirely different outfit in mind for this day, which was Day 4 of my chambray re-mix challenge to myself. (If you’re not familiar with the remix challenges, then let me fill you in. It’s where I take one item and wear and re-wear it over and over again for a week straight, making it look different every time.) But sometimes Mother Nature …

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Cate Mezyk - December 10, 2012

I’m on Day 3 of 7 days of chambray, and still going strong. In case you haven’t stopped by before and you haven’t seen one of my 7 Days/7 Ways clothing challenges… well, it’s basically where I take one item and wear it for a week, changing it up every time so that it feels like a fresh new look each and every time I …

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Cate Mezyk - December 8, 2012

Today I’m sharing Day 2 of my chambray re-mix challenge, and I’m bringing on the faux fur. Have you seen one of my 7 Days/7 Ways remix challenges? If not, then let me fill you in! During these challenges, I take one item of clothing, and mix it up, wearing it for a week straight while trying to make the look feel different each time. …

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Fashion Re-Mix, Take 2

Cate Mezyk - December 5, 2012

Remember when I re-mixed my black and white striped tank for 7 days in a row? (You can find a summary of that re-mix here.) These remix challenges to myself consist of a few steps. First, select an item you’re not going to get sick of quickly. Then, wear it every day for a week. Here’s the kicker though: it needs to look completely different …

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