fashion remix

Dressing Down

Cate Mezyk - March 25, 2014

It’s been awhile since I did a re-mix. And while this isn’t officially another one (take a look at previous 7 Days/7 Ways remixes here), it is a complete re-do of the last time I wore it. Oh, how my husband hated that ombre hair of mine! I love that I can take something and wear it with sky high heels one day, then turn …

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Sick Day

Cate Mezyk - October 16, 2013

The day I wore this, it only stayed on for a very short while. I had all kinds of plans for this day – a breakfast date with friends, lunch with my mom and son, a birthday party, and more. But as I listened to my two youngest kiddos, barking and coughing all morning long as we got ready for the day, I realized our …

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Drawing a Blank

Cate Mezyk - October 14, 2013

I’m loving the white denim for my current 7 Days/7 Ways Remix Challenge. They’re like a blank canvas, just waiting for me to style them any which way. For Day 6, I dressed them up a bit, adding a studded heel and a silky top. You can check out Day 1 here, Day 2 here, Day 3 here, Day 4 here, and Day 5 here. And …

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Cate Mezyk - October 8, 2013

Remember the KOKOON giveaway from a few weeks ago? They were kind enough to send me a couple of items, and this is the first time I’m getting to showcase one. Thankfully, the weather has been mostly warm this September, so I haven’t been wearing many sweaters and such. But if I have to cozy up in one, I’m happy to do it in this …

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The Big Hug

Cate Mezyk - October 2, 2013

This sweater feels like the world’s greatest hug (aside from the ones I get from my kiddos and my hubby, of course). And man, do I love a good hug. It’s oh-so-soft and comfy cozy, with just the right amount of keep-you-warmness. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be spending a ton of time wrapped up in it this fall and winter. Though I must …

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Cate Mezyk - September 30, 2013

The weather is funny here in Minnesota this time of year. One minute it’s 40, the next it’s nearly 80. I’m going with layers while Mother Nature figures things out. For Day 2 of my 7 Days/7 Ways White Denim Remix, I simply added a tank and a scarf. (see Day 1 here) (see previous remixes here) That way I can easily add a sweater …

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White Out

Cate Mezyk - September 25, 2013

It’s been awhile since my last 7 Days/7 Ways Fashion Remix, so it’s time for another one. I have to say, I’m pretty excited about this one. When Silver Jeans Company sent me this pair of white denim in their super popular Suki Skinny style, I knew I would have to incorporate it into a remix. For Day 1, I layered white on white with …

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Back to Basics

Cate Mezyk - July 9, 2013

What would my closet be without the white tee? Not great, I’m telling ya. This classic item is the simplest, yet most worn thing I own. And for the last day of my 7 Days/7 Ways faux leather shorts challenge, I pulled out this beloved basic with minimal accessories. You can check out more of this challenge here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day …

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Chasing Waterfalls

Cate Mezyk - July 3, 2013

Another day, another remix of my favorite faux leather shorts. We visited the adorable little town of Hastings, MN a couple of weeks ago (on Day 6 of my 7 Days/7 Ways shorts remix), to watch my friend be sworn into the police force there. We had some time to explore the area first, and came across Vermillion Falls. If you don’t get TLC’s Waterfalls …

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Cate Mezyk - July 1, 2013

Around here, we like to mis-pronounce things. There’s usually a story connected with whatever we’re mixing up and twisting around; many of them stem from our children’s sweet little baby lisps. For instance, my youngest daughter is often looking around the house for our “stablerizer,” which is so much better than just a regular old stapler. She’s also given us the gift of the word …

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