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Cate Mezyk - March 14, 2016
Black and white and blue

We are slowly, but surely, making some progress on our new space. To be certain, it’s not happening nearly as quickly as I’d like it to. This little thing called life keeps getting in the way. You see, I still have all my normal things to do on top of getting a new little Wild Ruffle spot ready. And there’s spring break (yay!) and a …

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Pop Up Shop Giveaway!

Cate Mezyk - May 18, 2015

If you’ve ever been to one of our Pop Up Shops before, then you already know that they are pretty much the most fun shopping events around. A big part of this is because of the talent that we get at them! Local business owners all join the fun to bring you the best of the best of unique items. We also know how you …

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Wild About All the Goods Coming Your Way!

Tammy Hiveley - May 8, 2015

Fridays mean sharing things we are WILD about. And supporting home businesses is something we are definitely crazy-wild about over here! Here are more introductions for our Thursday May 21st 5-9pm Pop Up Shop in downtown Prior Lake, MN {16220 Main Ave}! We can’t wait for you to shop us again with a completely different line-up of artisans than the last month! We welcome the …

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Flaunt Accessories – With a Giveaway!

Cate Mezyk - February 16, 2015

One of the things we love most about our job is that we get to connect with fabulous, like-minded women in business. One such fabulous woman is Melissa Hardin, of Flaunt Accessories. If you haven’t spotted the Flaunt Truck driving around town, then let me tell ya – it’s chock full of super cute, affordable and trendy fashion pieces. Tammy and I have both made …

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Flaunt Your Stuff!

Cate Mezyk - November 11, 2014

Not that any of us ever NEED an excuse to have a girl’s night out, but if you’re looking for some fun, Melissa and her team from Flaunt have got it for you in spades. We love Flaunt Accessories – they participated in our summer Pop Up Market and their truck was a huge hit… cuz they had sooo much cute stuff! Check out Tammy …

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Cate Mezyk - November 4, 2014

Alright, brace yourselves. I’m about to say something controversial. I know a lot of you won’t agree with what I have to say, but please – hear me out. And hear my heart in it for you. I think you should dress to please your significant other. Yep. I know, I know. You’re an independent woman, you don’t live in the 1950s, you don’t need a …

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What I Wore To Sparkle

Tammy Hiveley - October 8, 2014

Last weekend I attended a Christian Women’s Conference called Sparkle.  Well that is, after we so gracefully endured a flat tire, lost keys and a ripped top… we finally made it! Sparkle was full of inspiring and thought provoking sessions. Keeping my mind and spirit alive, which is always extremely emotional for me. But I do love emotions. I actually enjoy crying, laughing, yelling, etc. Life would …

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Shoes, Shoes & more Shoes; Need I say more?

Tammy Hiveley - August 27, 2014

We had the honor of hosting the DSW BTS #minishoelover event last night in Coon Rapids, MN. Here’s what I wore:  Matiko Kinsley Wedge Bootie c/o DSW, Black tuxedo top and H&M pants.   Wow, it was so fun to celebrate SHOES!  Who doesn’t love that? If you didn’t know already, DSW has always had kids shoes online but not in the stores.  Now they are responding to the call from their …

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Flaunt Accessories & doTERRA Wellness Advocates

Tammy Hiveley - August 7, 2014

Since it’s Wild Ruffle’s first Pop Up Market {name switch due to the similarity to the farmer’s market… don’t worry it’ll go back to Pop Up Shop for our fall event}… but since it’s our first so called Market we had to jump on the fashion-truck trend.  We found you Flaunt Accessories! Flaunt Accessories is a traveling boutique started here in Minneapolis.  They cater to busy moms that want …

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