Just Go To The Party

Cate Mezyk - April 3, 2018

Some meetings mean more than others. And you never know when a chance encounter is going to turn into so much more than you ever realized it could. Sometimes it takes seeing your Facebook memories to remind you just how much one night (and one person) can mean. 7 years ago today, I went to a party, as Facebook helpfully reminded me today. I had …

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You Used To Call Me On Your Cell Phone

Cate Mezyk - June 7, 2016
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Remember WAAAAY back in the day, when you heard the phone ring and a little thrill of anticipation went through you? Who was it for? Was it for you? And if so, who could it be? Part of the thrill was the not knowing. I remember the day I FINALLY got my own phone in my bedroom. My parents said I could choose between buying …

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I Need You

Cate Mezyk - February 27, 2014

Recently, my heart was broken. Broken not for myself, but for women – and how we treat other women. Let me give you the back story. Two blogging friends of mine wrote articles that resonated with women in such a way that they were shared time and time again, and spread around the world. My sweet friend Cari wrote We Can’t Be Friends, on the …

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