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All The Feels

Tammy Hiveley - August 4, 2017
Chambray striped dress. crisp. clean. perfectly chic

It’s been a hard morning. I’ve been crying on and off for most of it. All the feels going on over here. Excitement. Nerves. Proud mom. Sadness. Gut wrenching aches. Heart palpitations. You name it – I think I’ve felt it today. A teary-eyed friend, walking my same path, took the words right out of my mouth as we hugged our babies goodbye. “It’s like …

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Holiday Traditions Make All the Difference

Tammy Hiveley - December 21, 2016

I grew up with a few holiday traditions. Some I will never forget and I’m sure- some that I’ve long forgotten. Either way, they’ve molded and shaped how I parent my children today. Do you keep holiday traditions? Please share because it’s so fun to peer into everyone else’s lives during such a special time of year. As a child, I can remember each year preforming in …

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Shop Til You Drop

Tammy Hiveley - December 14, 2016

The shop has been hustlin and bustlin with holiday cheer the last couple of weeks. And now with the snow on the ground, it’s officially Christmas! Whoopee! Many shoppers have already come by to support us and we love them for it! We really really do … But don’t worry, we are still stocking the shop with lots of goodies everyday. There will probably be …

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop with These Layers

Tammy Hiveley - December 8, 2016

Ummm BRRRR!! How did we get so spoiled? Could it be that we frolicked around outside sans coats in early November? Yess that’s it. That’s the culprit. This past fall was so gorgeous it has ruined me for what’s here now – and for sure – what’s to come. My dad told me next week we’re looking at 4 and 5 degrees! What the what? I’m quite positive …

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A Girl Can Change Her Mind

Tammy Hiveley - November 30, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I told you via our Fox9 The Buzz segment that I was wearing this dress to Thanksgiving dinner. Well, I’m sorry but I didn’t. Not because any other reason than A girl has the right to change her mind. I wouldn’t have even told you because Who cares really … but my family (mainly Jason) wouldn’t let me live it …

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The Duck Song

Tammy Hiveley - July 6, 2016

Summer calls for this. TOTALLY RANDOM, STRANGE & OFF TOPIC: My girls had been singing this song around the house a few months ago. It’s one of those annoyingly catchy songs that won’t leave your unconsciousness (is that even a word?) without a fight. Some how it just popped back into my brain. And it won’t leave. UGH! I apologize in advance but since it’s stuck in my …

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I’m Here. Ready and Waiting.

Tammy Hiveley - May 18, 2016

Here I am, Summer. Ready and waiting for you. Bring it on. Bring it ALL on! The lazy mornings, sunny days at the beach, icy midday treats, late dinners followed by drinks around the bonfire. I want it all. I’m also more than ready for summer-wear. It’s so fun to pop into our shop each day to find more goodies waiting for us to unwrap, …

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Pneumonia Takes Over

Tammy Hiveley - January 6, 2016

Happy New Year! And with the new year comes illness. Yes, nasty little germs have penetrated my hard candy shell and I’ve been diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia. Ick. And if that weren’t enough, my youngest surprised me two nights ago with getting sick all over me and my bed. Blahhhh. On the bright side… I’ve gotten to steal away a few more hours of Christmas break …

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Awh Well, Warm is Nice Too

Tammy Hiveley - December 23, 2015

Not sure if this happens anywhere else in the country but here in Minnesota this kinda thing happens every now and again. You get caught somewhere with the wrong shoes. More specifically, boots instead of heels. You see, you can’t just wear your heels out and about and everywhere. A smart Minnesota fashion lover knows that you have to wear your warmest boots, and pack …

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Never Say Never

Tammy Hiveley - November 11, 2015

I’ve allllways said I’d neeeeever wear black and navy together and that anyone that did was wrong for doing so. {And I’m not talking black and blue, I’m known to adore that combo… I’m specifically talkin dark navy.} Fast forward all my fashion years to yesterday. I decided screw that. Yep, I’m throwing everything I know – or thought I did – out the window. …

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