What’s in MY Cart? What’s in yours?

Tammy Hiveley - April 9, 2019

As most of you know, Wild Ruffle does not stock shoes in the shop. While there are a few different reasons why, the main reason is… Why would we? when we have at our fingertips? For real, my heart-eyes can’t handle the cuteness on that site. And did I mention their FREE shipping and FREE returns?!! I have to click back over there to …

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Buy More, Save More

Cate Mezyk - February 28, 2017

Get excited. Because it’s time for another huge sale. And when they have a sale, they mean business. The more you spend, the more you save. And believe me, you’re going to want to spend. If I’m wearing shoes, you can be fairly sure they’re from In fact, it’s my favorite place to shop for new footwear. But I’m also in love with their handbags. …

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Blank Stares

Cate Mezyk - October 10, 2016

If you talked to me at some point in the past four or five days, then I have to apologize. Because seriously, this past week has been a blur. Between Sparkle and Carver Junk Company events, we have been running around like crazy people, working our behinds off, and having all kinds of fun. What we haven’t been doing is sleeping. I’m usually pretty good …

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An Accessorized Life

Cate Mezyk - September 22, 2016

We spend a lot of time talking about the new clothing items that come streaming through our door in big boxes from UPS and Fed Ex every week (seriously, it’s like Christmas all the time around here for us as we open everything up). But we don’t spend nearly enough time giving some love to our other important fashion items – the accessories! And believe …

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The Itch

Cate Mezyk - March 1, 2016

Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve turned the corner into March, and March feels like a much springier month than February. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve got a trip to a warm weather destination coming up soon. But suddenly, I’ve got the itch. The itch to go shopping. It’s that wonky time of year where it’s not yet hot, but I simply cannot buy …

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End of Summer Giveaway!

Tammy Hiveley - August 10, 2015

We are excited to announce the End of Summer Giveaway! Sunday August 23rd from 3-7pm at the beautiful Prior Lake City Hall, Wild Ruffle is hosting an End of Summer Pop Up Shop! So naturally, we want to celebrate our amazing artisans with an fabulous Giveaway! 2 LUCKY WINNERS will receive over $800 in prizes from our talented vendors! Because we all like things easy, we made it super simple to enter …

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Indulge in the Awesome

Tammy Hiveley - May 20, 2014

Look at these faces. All smiles as we skipped happily into the Mall of America, ready for our Best Day Ever!  Giggles, running {mom said stop running}, more giggles, then skipping {mom didn’t say anything about skipping} ~ hurry up mom! Looking for a fun filled day of fun?  Look no more ~  Mall of America is here!  It’s got everything you could ever want to …

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The Very Best Day

Cate Mezyk - November 26, 2013

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group and KuKee, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #hellokittyletsplay The day we went shopping for our new Hello Kitty Let’s Play clothes is now known in our household as The Very Best Day. It was a day when everything fell into place, paving the way for perfection. …

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My First Thrifting Experience

Cate Mezyk - July 16, 2013

I am not a thrifter. I would love to be one. But the thought of it is completely overwhelming to me. I mean, I get stressed out by the disorder of TJ Maxx. And I’ve always pictured the typical thrift shop as a dingier, smellier TJ Maxx. But I decided to give it a try, and brought my friend Mel with me, since she’s an …

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