I Kinda Like Being Called a Fashion Expert

Tammy Hiveley - April 27, 2016

Crunch time is upon us. Crazy amounts of Wild Ruffle action is happening all around our homes right now. Up until this week, we’ve been in somewhat of a holding pattern. Now is the time. Time to go full speed ahead! We get the keys to the new space this Sunday at 8am!! Eek Boxes of product are arriving at our doorstep daily. It’s so exciting! Like …

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What to Wear During The Transition

Tammy Hiveley - March 11, 2016

Transitioning from winter to spring always seems to throw me into confusion. I like clothes AND I’m pretty old so you’d think I’d have this down by now. Sorry folks, but somedays I’m just as baffled as you. What should I put on for the day? It starts out chilly, then makes it’s way to beautiful… or sometimes NOT… who knows? If you live in the midwest …

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Choosing Wisely for the Feast

Tammy Hiveley - November 25, 2015

Remember that Friendsgiving episode when Joey realized the stretch abilities that Phoebe’s maternity pants offered to his uncomfortable food-baby? I think about this every year about this time. So funny yet so undeniably true. While I don’t think I’ll be donning maternity pants any time again in the near future (but you never want to rule anything out I guess!), I do put some thought into what to wear on …

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Tammy Hiveley - November 4, 2015

Fall glorious fall! Oh, how I love it so! It’s just the best time of year, is it not? And speaking of the best – this has to be the greatest fall in recent history. The ease of throwing on sweater layers without the bulk of a winter coat. The comfort of cozy socks tucked snuggly into booties or riding boots. The warm sun on my face. …

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The Yearly Transition

Tammy Hiveley - October 7, 2015

As our lives fall back into the swing of things, I remember how it feels to be in a routine. It’s nice. I forgot how wonderfully calm a routine is. The joyful chaos of summer always confuses me into thinking that life without order would be fab-u-lous. But every year as the season changes, I’m reminded that order has it’s benefits. Early to bed ~ early to rise is …

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Brassy & Sweet

Tammy Hiveley - August 5, 2015

It depends on my day, but some days I wake up all brassy sassy and crazy-like. Other days I wake sweet and chill. Not a care in the world. Any sour look or backtalk couldn’t shake me. No worries. It hit me as I edited these pictures last night.  — I guess yesterday’s outfit makes sense then. Delicate lacy lilac top paired with a brassy belt and camo …

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Fall is Heaven

Tammy Hiveley - October 29, 2014

If I could pick one season, it’d be fall. I’m in love with fall.  Sweaters and layers keeping me toasty warm all by themselves. No winter coats or snow boots to weigh me down. Not too hot. Not too cold. Heaven. And who could deny that relaxing with loved ones on a fall weekend retreat isn’t the most delightful way to spend your time?! My favorite clothing …

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Cheers to this Crazy Life

Tammy Hiveley - October 22, 2014

Life is catching up with me and I’m feelin it. Running non-stop lately is taking it’s toll. I’m exhausted. Last week, a few school parents and I took a group of forty 5th graders to the Eagle Bluff Environmental Center for three days of outdoor education. While it was well worth the months of planning and organization, I am happy the trip went off without …

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Tammy Hiveley - October 15, 2014

A child’s birthday party brought me to a horse ranch last weekend. So what do you wear to a horse ranch?  Hmmm… Shucks, my leather chaps are at the cleaners. {just kidding folks} But in all seriousness, I was so bummed that the one chance I get to wear my leather riding boots actually RIDING… they are boxed up in storage. Ugh! Having 1/2 my closet …

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