All The Feels

Tammy Hiveley - August 4, 2017
Chambray striped dress. crisp. clean. perfectly chic

It’s been a hard morning. I’ve been crying on and off for most of it. All the feels going on over here. Excitement. Nerves. Proud mom. Sadness. Gut wrenching aches. Heart palpitations. You name it – I think I’ve felt it today. A teary-eyed friend, walking my same path, took the words right out of my mouth as we hugged our babies goodbye. “It’s like …

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Out of Africa

Cate Mezyk - December 17, 2015

I’m not sure it’s possible to describe exactly all that my recent trip to Swaziland with Children’s Cup and River Valley Church meant to me. I still haven’t fully processed this trip. Ask me again in a few weeks, and I may have an answer for you. I do know that it was life changing. That it was life giving. And that it was the …

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Wild About… Africa!

Cate Mezyk - August 28, 2015

I’m writing something a little different than my typical post today. In fact, the subject itself is so crazy out of the box I can scarcely believe I’m typing these words! But I believe you will stand beside me in prayer as I prepare to take a leap of faith alongside my daughter Avery. For years, I have had a far away continent on my …

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