Cate Mezyk - March 14, 2016
Black and white and blue

We are slowly, but surely, making some progress on our new space. To be certain, it’s not happening nearly as quickly as I’d like it to. This little thing called life keeps getting in the way. You see, I still have all my normal things to do on top of getting a new little Wild Ruffle spot ready. And there’s spring break (yay!) and a …

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Boot Up

Tammy Hiveley - December 15, 2015

With all this rain and the threat of upcoming snow, I’m thinking I might need to add new boots to my Christmas list! After all, you can’t live in a cold weather state like our dear old Minnesota without having a large selection of warm and cozy boots to slip your chilly feet into. What do you think of these ($165)? With the added warmth, of …

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African Jogger

Cate Mezyk - October 5, 2015

I was recently skimming through the Inkkas website (because, I mean, let’s be honest, I love love love shoes), and what pops up but these African Joggers? And oh my goodness – it’s like they were made for me. Because I’m going to Africa in a couple of months, and I have jogged before (though, if I’m being honest, it has been a long while …

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Playin’ it Cool

Tammy Hiveley - September 30, 2015

Why in the world did I think I’d have all this time once school was back in session? Lies, all lies I tell ya! Those people who ask What are you going to do all day? obviously 1) have a maid & a personal chef  2) aren’t building a small business out of their basement & 3) oh I don’t know… should never ask me that again. kidding. not kidding. …

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Where Do The Days Go?

Cate Mezyk - September 21, 2015

The days since school has started for my kids are passing me by in a blur. Each one has been over scheduled, with things to do and places to be from 8 am to 8 pm. I’ve been going at a pace that is unsustainable, and it can only go like this for so long. The truth is, I need to do a better job …

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The Wob

Cate Mezyk - August 31, 2015

I’m finally getting around to posting pictures with my new, shorter haircut. There’s a learning curve when styling short hair, apparently (or maybe it’s just for me). I keep burning my fingers on the curling iron because I keep forgetting where the ends of my hair are. Yikes – I need to figure this thing out quickly or my fingers will be torched before long. …

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From Here to There and Back Again

Tammy Hiveley - July 29, 2015

You know those days that you just spend every waking moment running from here to there. What do you wear out to a day full of errands, my fashion-minded friends? I’m curious. Me? Well this particular day was 90some degrees with high humidity, so my hair was in a much needed bun and my outfit of choice was comfy casual. WIW to clean the house, grocery …

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Wedded Bliss

Tammy Hiveley - July 8, 2015

My brother in law got married to a super special, super spunky, super beautiful bride last Saturday. Love was in the air. Happy smiles and wedding excitement filled the lodge on this beautiful afternoon. I couldn’t help but admire the bride. She was cool, calm, and nothing short of amazing. Now I don’t know if she has experienced a Bridezilla in the past but she …

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The Naked Jumper

Tammy Hiveley - July 1, 2015

I’ve had this jumper for over a year. Never worn. Every time I put it on it sagged, it bagged, it resembled hideous drapery. And even though I was Marta in The Sound of Music way back when, I just couldn’t pull it off. The hills are alive kept playing over and over in my head. Yesterday I made myself wear what I was thinking quite possibly could …

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Garden Girl

Cate Mezyk - June 29, 2015

Sometimes you get dressed in the morning, drop off your kids at golf camp, and then head to a patio to hang out with friends for a bit while the kiddos hit the links. And while you’re there on said patio, you notice that you match the outdoor decor. And then you’re like, ‘hey – my camera just happens to be along!’ So you make …

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