Missing You While I’m Away

Tammy Hiveley - October 21, 2015

At this very moment I’m out of the country. Away from my family and missing them dearly. Months ago when I found out the dates of my mission trip, I realized that I’d be missing my daughter’s 6th birthday! That was yesterday. Birthdays are a pretty big thing around these parts. It’s a super extra-special day. So softly and carefully I told her of the situation. …

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I Promise

Tammy Hiveley - June 10, 2015

The beginning of summer is finally here! And there’s a party going on at our house! Lazy mornings, summer sun, water sports, picnics in the park, the smell of chlorine and sunscreen, late night bonfires… awhhhh summertime. My goal this season is NOT to bore you with my wardrobe. I could easily wear a maxi dress each and every day. Some people can’t stand the …

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Life After Vacation?

Tammy Hiveley - April 1, 2015

I’m so sorry for these pics! Seriously. I’m sad you aren’t seeing photos of white powdery sand and ocean blown palm trees. Instead you’re about to see What I Wore smack dab in the middle of Minnesota. Not that I don’t adore my state but I enjoy it the most during the summer months, that’s for sure.After returning from the Dominican Republic, I’ve been dealing with re-entry back into REAL life. …

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Cheers to this Crazy Life

Tammy Hiveley - October 22, 2014

Life is catching up with me and I’m feelin it. Running non-stop lately is taking it’s toll. I’m exhausted. Last week, a few school parents and I took a group of forty 5th graders to the Eagle Bluff Environmental Center for three days of outdoor education. While it was well worth the months of planning and organization, I am happy the trip went off without …

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Lucky Me

Tammy Hiveley - February 19, 2014

Family dynamics are all different.  They come in different sizes, colors and flavors. My family is loud, loving, passionate and loyal with big personalities.  You’d think we were Italian, but no.  More often than not, we’re talking over each other and sharing each other’s food.  It’s taken my husband almost 19 years to understand us, but I think he gets us now.  We love each …

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