Where Do The Days Go?

Cate Mezyk - September 21, 2015

The days since school has started for my kids are passing me by in a blur. Each one has been over scheduled, with things to do and places to be from 8 am to 8 pm. I’ve been going at a pace that is unsustainable, and it can only go like this for so long. The truth is, I need to do a better job …

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Shopping is a Many Splender-ed Thing

Cate Mezyk - August 4, 2015

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the Wild Ruffle girls LOVE to shop. You know what else we love? A good deal. So when we learned about Splender, we were all, “sign us up!” You see, Splender actually pays you to shop. Say what?! Yep. You simply click on one of the 800+ popular stores they work with before you do your shopping. They’ve got all …

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Black and White and Red All Over

Cate Mezyk - December 22, 2014

These days, I’m all about dressing for comfort. So it’s nothing but layers for me. Leggings, a tank dress, sweater on top – it’s a cozy as pajamas (and a little more professional when working in the shop). Even my shoe height is getting a little lower – only 2.5 inches on these babies, cuz if I’m standing for hours I don’t want these feet …

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What’s With The Pants?

Cate Mezyk - June 30, 2014

Phew! I’m back, after a great week away cheering on our daughter and her friends at a National level dance comp. Speaking of which, thanks to those of you who left such supportive comments regarding last week’s post. Wild Ruffle readers are the best! Onto this week’s. My husband, lovely as he is and supportive of what I do, thinks I’m a weirdo when it comes …

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On Trend

Cate Mezyk - May 5, 2014

While I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t simply follow the trends, there are some that pop up each season that I cannot resist. First? The slouchy dress sweats. These pants were seriously the most comfortable things. Like wearing pajamas in public, except without the embarrassment. Next time I’m totally going to rock them with heels though. I took a look at these …

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Told Ya

Cate Mezyk - April 15, 2014

Remember last week when I wore my tulle slip dress? And then I said I pretty much never take it off? Here’s the proof. So which way do you like it better? Playing peekaboo this week? Or as the star of the show, like last week? Next week I’m sure I’ll be wearing it again… only this time I’ll be on the beach! No cardigans …

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Ice Out

Cate Mezyk - January 20, 2014

Here in Minnesota, we have a term for when the frozen stuff will finally be off our lakes. It’s called ice out, and it doesn’t typically happen until mid-April. Though we can always hope against hope that it’ll happen a little sooner (well, I guess everyone hopes for it except for the plethora of ice fisher people that flood the frozen lakes each winter around …

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