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At One with Nature

Tammy Hiveley - August 12, 2015

When you have little ones, its not unusual to spend 30 mins walking 1 block. They squat down to check out every little bug or rock they encounter. Looking at the world through their eyes is refreshing. The wonderment of the world was lost somewhere between giggling at boys and studying for my future career. But kids; kids bring it all rushing back with new excitement and joy. …

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Brassy & Sweet

Tammy Hiveley - August 5, 2015

It depends on my day, but some days I wake up all brassy sassy and crazy-like. Other days I wake sweet and chill. Not a care in the world. Any sour look or backtalk couldn’t shake me. No worries. It hit me as I edited these pictures last night.  — I guess yesterday’s outfit makes sense then. Delicate lacy lilac top paired with a brassy belt and camo …

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From Here to There and Back Again

Tammy Hiveley - July 29, 2015

You know those days that you just spend every waking moment running from here to there. What do you wear out to a day full of errands, my fashion-minded friends? I’m curious. Me? Well this particular day was 90some degrees with high humidity, so my hair was in a much needed bun and my outfit of choice was comfy casual. WIW to clean the house, grocery …

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Wedded Bliss

Tammy Hiveley - July 8, 2015

My brother in law got married to a super special, super spunky, super beautiful bride last Saturday. Love was in the air. Happy smiles and wedding excitement filled the lodge on this beautiful afternoon. I couldn’t help but admire the bride. She was cool, calm, and nothing short of amazing. Now I don’t know if she has experienced a Bridezilla in the past but she definitely made sure …

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Life from the Cheap Seats

Tammy Hiveley - June 24, 2015

Like I said last week, the trip to the mall ended with a few thrifty deals stuffed haphazardly into the trunk of my car. Even though this one was my favorite purchase, it would be wrong not to include you in on this flirty little number. It was simply a steal at $22. One that I fully intend to wrinkle, soak and jam into my beach bag all summer long. Case and point. …

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Road Trippin Midi

Tammy Hiveley - June 17, 2015

I hit the mall with my girlies yesterday after a few friends enticed me with a store-closing-shoe-clearance-sale. No one wants to miss out on a big clearance sale do they? No, not me! I was completely and utterly compelled to take part in these so-called ‘deals of the summer’ as well! Evie scored 7 shoes, 2 for Jilli and a big fat zero for Addie but still …

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Strip Your Layers

Tammy Hiveley - May 20, 2015

Yesterday I woke up with the sun shining in my face so I should’ve been warm and comforted but I wasn’t. I was freezing. Chilled to the bone for no apparent reason. I just couldn’t get my body temperature up to normal no matter what I did. What’s wrong with me? Hot coffee helped a tiny bit but the giant Okoboji sweatshirt I was swimming …

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Life After Vacation?

Tammy Hiveley - April 1, 2015

I’m so sorry for these pics! Seriously. I’m sad you aren’t seeing photos of white powdery sand and ocean blown palm trees. Instead you’re about to see What I Wore smack dab in the middle of Minnesota. Not that I don’t adore my state but I enjoy it the most during the summer months, that’s for sure.After returning from the Dominican Republic, I’ve been dealing with re-entry back into REAL life. …

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Style These Days

Tammy Hiveley - February 18, 2015

My style these days is mostly comfy cozy mixed with a little casual flair. Working in the shop has forced me to choose my outfits based on comfort yet cute-ability. I’m oftentimes freezing so I need as many warm layers as possible! Hense the amazing amount of scarves I own. Like this one… remember it from last week? I’m hooked on this Vintage Gypsy scarf that my …

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Coffee, Friends, and a Blank Canvas

Tammy Hiveley - February 11, 2015

Coffee-time with friends is near and dear to my heart. I especially enjoy it when I can curl up in comfy home-body clothes and make a morning of it. The other day a friend stopped by to catch up on life. Life happens way too fast and unfortunately I have to schedule it to make it happen these days. So just as scheduled, my friend rang the doorbell. …

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