Wild About a Gift Guide!

Cate Mezyk - November 27, 2015
Baby It's Cold Outside tee

We heart giving gifts. There’s something so awesome about picking out the perfect item for someone – something you know the recipient is going to love. But sometimes it’s hard to think of something, year after year. Happily, we’ve got all kinds of suggestions for you to make your gift giving easy. We’ve found some things around the web that are sure to be crowd …

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The Thanksgiving Prayer

Tammy Hiveley - November 26, 2015
give thanks

Today we wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving from the bottom of our hearts. And what better way to celebrate than to share one of the most thought provoking thanksgiving prayers that I’ve heard lately. Written by the talented Cindi McMenamin. {found on crosswalk.com} This prayer is not the average Thanksgiving. It digs deep and takes into account the ease of being thankful for …

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Choosing Wisely for the Feast

Tammy Hiveley - November 25, 2015
Wise-wear for Thanksgiving feast-6

Remember that Friendsgiving episode when Joey realized the stretch abilities that Phoebe’s maternity pants offered to his uncomfortable food-baby? I think about this every year about this time. So funny yet so undeniably true. What will I wear to the Thanksgiving feast that will 1. be cute and 2. be comfortable before and after the food overload? My choice? Something I wouldn’t normally do. Pairing two oversized pieces together. But Thanksgiving calls for …

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Shopbop Sale!

Cate Mezyk - November 24, 2015

If you know us at all, then you know how much we love to shop. Even more than that, we love finding a great bargain. AND we love passing along the secret steals to you! Case in point, this fabulous Shopbop sale, going on right now. It’s actually their biggest sale of the year. And we’re making it super easy to shop it – just …

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Giving Thanks

Cate Mezyk - November 23, 2015

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, it’s a good reason to reflect on everything for which I am thankful this season. Truthfully, my list is far too long to put everything here. I’m headed to Africa in just a week and a half, and sharing this trip with my oldest daughter is a dream. I’m so thankful for those who have supported us …

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Wild About… Cold Weather Goods

Cate Mezyk - November 20, 2015
Cozy fleece lined leggings

Brr. It’s cold! We’ve been spoiled by some beautiful fall weather here in Minnesota, but it appears that wintry weather is finally on its way. Happily, we have all kinds of things in our arsenal to keep us warm. And we’re covering everyone in the family, starting with Deep Green. The DeepGreen Project not only has beautifully made items for everyone in the family from …

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Thankful Decor

Cate Mezyk - November 19, 2015
Grocery bag placemat for Thanksgiving table decor - list the ways in which you are thankful this year

I’m super excited to be hosting Thanksgiving again this year. We have a pretty giant table and I love having as many people around it as possible. This year, there will be 13 of us. Thirteen people, sharing food, laughter, and thankful hearts. I decided to incorporate our spirit of thankfulness right into the table decor this year, using simple and inexpensive materials to create the …

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Rainy Day Wear

Tammy Hiveley - November 18, 2015
Rainy day gear-5

Rain or no, my life doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. So what’s a girl to do? Boot up, that’s right. Pull those trusty galoshes on and smile! Smile because it’s the middle of November and there is no snow! Truth be told… I’m kinda a snow-snob. I only enjoy white snow between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Not before. Not after. Think it’ll be …

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Part Deaux

Cate Mezyk - November 17, 2015
Turtleneck dress and a blazer

Yesterday, I posted look one in my mini-remix of this classic turtleneck dress. Today, I’m giving you the second look. It’s seriously so easy to wear, I could bring you approximately 1 bajillion different ways to wear it. But for now, I’m sticking to just the two. 😉 The necklace gets me tons of compliments. Alas, we don’t carry it in the shop – it’s …

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Re-Mix It

Cate Mezyk - November 16, 2015
blanket scarf and a classic turtleneck dress

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a re-mix. You can check out a few of my previous re-mixes here, here, and here, AND here where I take one item of clothing, and wear it for a week straight, creating a new look out of one thing, to prove you don’t have to have an overflowing closet to look good. This is like a …

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