Wild About What’s New

Blackbird handmade tees

It’s Friday – hurrah! Re-entry into regular life after spring break is always tough, and it makes for a long week. Tammy is back from the Dominican Republic, and me? Well, I stayed here – but I did manage to have a little fun during our week off of school. And we’re both back with […]

Gluten Free Baked French Toast Casserole

Gluten Free Baked French Toast Casserole Recipe

Whenever there’s a holiday, you can be sure we’re incorporating food into it in a big way. One of our morning favorites is a baked French toast casserole. It’s perfect for Easter brunch, or Christmas morning (or pretty much any day that you’re craving a delicious breakfast). Over the years, we’ve adapted and tweaked an […]

I’m Not Any Different

Basic Black and blue jeans

I wish I could say I was different than the norm, but I’m not. While I realize most people try to fit in, I’ve spend a considerable amount of time trying to stand out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy. I don’t push the envelope too drastically. I mean I still buy random clothes from Target so […]

At Home Chemical Peel

At home chemical peel - just 3 simple ingredients

Every winter, I schedule a chemical peel at Dr. Prischmann’s office. I’ve mentioned before that I have melasma, and this helps to lighten some of the discoloration from that. Plus, I love having fresh and new skin once a year for so many reasons. Typically, I schedule my appointments for the winter months, because the […]

Spring Ahead

Sweater jacket and boyfriend jeans with wedge heels

It’s finally officially spring here in Minnesota, but we’ve all been  hanging out outside and celebrating as if it has been spring for weeks now. We go a little stir crazy in this chilly tundra of a state during the cold weather months, and we’re ready to embrace some warmth. My kids are even running around […]

Wild About Big Announcements

What a great adventure it is to see your dreams become your reality

I sat down to chat with someone the other day, and she asked me how this whole Wild Ruffle thing got started. As I started to tell her the story of my history in retail, and then a trip out east and the shop that inspired my dream so long ago, and then the humble beginnings […]

Room For the Littlest Princess

Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-15

We are slowly adding bits and pieces to our new house. The downside: my walls are still bare and echo-y. The upside to this snail pace: it’s allowing me to really ponder what I want for each room. My latest project has been the girls’ rooms. Here’s a sneak peak into my Littlest Princess’s bedroom {the other 2 rooms are […]

Keepin it Real

Bona Fide Local sweatshirt - mixing grays

Just because we are so excited to show you our first line of clothing in the Wild Ruffle Shop, we are going on day #3 of Bona Fide Locals. I don’t want to pretend that I get ready everyday… because I don’t. Some days I’m too busy but others, quite frankly, I’m too lazy. Just keepin’ it […]

Day 2

Knotted tee

You’re getting a bonus outfit post today, because I just can’t stop wearing my new Bona Fide Local tee from the Wild Ruffle Shop. Yesterday I wore it with skinnies and heels, but today I mixed a little girly frill with some classic cool by pairing a silky pleated midi skirt with my Chuck Taylor […]

Bona Fide

basket weave peep toe booties

People keep asking when we’ll be getting clothing in the shop – and hurrah! It’s here (and is scheduled to continue to arrive)! We’re committed to our handmade values – so all of our clothing items are handmade too! Flytrap’s items were the first to come in, and we couldn’t be more excited about them. […]