Wild About this Week’s newness!

Tammy Hiveley - July 21, 2016

This just in – new clothing in the shop! If you’re looking for something fun to freshen up your summer wardrobe, look no further. We can help a little with the “I have nothing to wear” feeling. And you guys, I know we’ve said this before but it’s so fun getting boxes of goodies each day. The hard part is not wanting to bring it …

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What Summer Looks Like 1/2 Way Through

Tammy Hiveley - July 20, 2016
Sporty summer days-6

How are you guys doing with your summer goals? Oh you too? Aaa yeah, my daily goals have flexed and wained with each passing week. Remember when I started the summer off with high hopes of making this chalk chart work? Has it worked? yes. All the time? no. Here’s what has worked: The kids know what their duties are without fail. Granted each task is not performed …

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Style For Good

Cate Mezyk - July 19, 2016
Give back with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

In this day and age, it seems that we get more bad news than good. Turn on the news, or scroll through your favorite social media site, and you’ll see post after post about how everybody hates everybody else – it seems like we live in a dark and gloomy time. Now more than ever, we’ve got to look outside ourselves and see the need …

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When You Wish Upon a Necklace

Cate Mezyk - July 18, 2016
t-shirt dress with pockets

Years ago, Tammy and I were each sent a wishbone necklace as a thank you gift. The premise was that you wear your necklace, with a thread for a chain, until it breaks. When the thread breaks, your wish is supposed to come true. While Tammy’s broke almost immediately, I set mine aside and promptly forgot all about it. When I was sorting through my …

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Outfit of the Day, Junior Edition

Cate Mezyk - July 14, 2016
tween style

I have a mini me running around my house. A tiny version of myself. It’s pretty fun actually. This small version of myself is super into fashion lately. Well, truth be told, she always has been (she’s read Nina Garcia’s book The One Hundred: a guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own about a billion times already in her short life). But lately, …

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Please Forgive Any Delayed Responses

Tammy Hiveley - July 13, 2016
Totally Tropical tee & flowy maxi-2

I’m not sure about your summer but mine has flown by. I’m desperately trying to cherish each and every moment I have with my babies. So much so I turned on the ‘vacation responder’ on my work email. It now says ~ Please forgive any delayed responses. I am off enjoying summer break with my family as much as I can. I will return emails within 2-3 …

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Easiest (and tastiest) Peach and Plum Crisp Ever

Cate Mezyk - July 12, 2016
Easiest (and most delicious) peach and plum crisp ever!

The other day, I was about to change into my workout clothes, and then I thought, “Ooh – I know what sounds even better…. baking!” I mean, it IS peach and plum season, and I can’t let that go by without utilizing those ingredients in a baked dish (or two or six). Here’s the thing though – I’m sort of an impatient baker. Really, I’m …

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The Perfect Summer Day

Cate Mezyk - July 11, 2016
Black and white striped maxi

Last week, we had a perfect summer day. It might not be everybody’s idea of the perfect day, but it sure felt perfect at the time. We woke up early to head to tennis camp (ok, maybe that was the less than perfect part of the day – what was I thinking, scheduling a camp that begins at 8 am coming off 2 weeks of …

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Why Not Add More Crazy?!

Tammy Hiveley - July 7, 2016
Golden Doodle dogs

I have a bad habit of being a bit too spontaneous. I react instead of carefully planning my next step. I’m a free spirit; what can I say? This time my spontaneity landed me right in the dog house. Literally. Last week my girls and I were at my parents for a couple of days. The girls were there to help paint and do odds and …

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The Duck Song

Tammy Hiveley - July 6, 2016
Off the Shoulder Top - summer must have!-5

Summer calls for this. TOTALLY RANDOM, STRANGE & OFF TOPIC: My girls had been singing this song around the house a few months ago. It’s one of those annoyingly catchy songs that won’t leave your unconsciousness (is that even a word?) without a fight. Some how it just popped back into my brain. And it won’t leave. UGH! I apologize in advance but since it’s stuck in my …

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